The psychology of radicalisation
Lego Islam
Interview with Pakistani politician Imran Khan
"Moving towards democracy"
Reviving the Tunisian tourism industry
Calling on the force
Turkey and the future of the Kurds
Good Kurd, bad Kurd


Following the forced resignation of Pakistan′s premier, Nawaz Sharif, the country′s opposition is sensing a change in direction. Imran Khan, its most prominent representative, met Shah Meer Baloch in Islamabad to talk about current developmentsRead more


Tunisia′s appeal as a holiday destination hit rock bottom a couple of years ago when it became the target of several Islamist attacks. Having rescued a number of Star Wars film sets in south-western Tunisia from sinking into the desert sands, a local tourism agency is now hoping to attract the film series′ considerable fan base. By Silke WunschRead more



When it suits the political agenda of those in power, the Kurds are seen as good patriots. The rest of the time, they are condemned as villainous traitors. It′s a situation that is repeated in Turkey, Syria and – argues Hoshang Ossi – within the Kurdistan Workers′ Party (PKK) itself

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Press freedom

Pleading our own cause: Egyptian authorities block

Opposition politician Imran Khan in his residence in Bani Fala (photo: Reuters/Caren Firouz)


Interview with Pakistani politician Imran Khan: "Moving towards democracy"

Celebrating victory against IS in Mosul (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/AP/K. Kadim)

Middle East

Ending Iraq′s humanitarian crisis: Trust the people

Kurds celebrating Nowruz Festival in Istanbul (photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)



The future of a people: Good Kurd, bad Kurd


Afghan architect Masouma Delijam, Kabul (photo: DW/B. Schulke)

Hindu Kush

Reconstruction in Afghanistan: The strong women of Darul Aman

Women at prayer in a Berlin mosque (photo: imago)


Headscarf debate: How Islamophobic is feminism?


Star Wars space port Mos Espa (photo: picture-alliance/blickwinkel/B. Bachmann)


Reviving the Tunisian tourism industry: Calling on the force

Duo ″Ya Tosiba″ – vocalist Zuzu Zakaria and electronics whizz Tatu Mosak (source: YouTube)

Album review

″Love Party″ by Ya Tosiba: Sufi in the house

Officially female bands may now perform, albeit only in front of all-female audiences (source: ISNA)

Culture in Iran

Music in Rouhani′s Iran: A change in tune?

Saudi Arabian writer and novelist Badriah Albeshr (photo: private)

Book review: Badriah Albeshr′s ″Hend and the Soldiers″

In fear of the fury