The West's Iran policy
For real change through trade
Islamic education in India
All-female madrassas: Of women, by women and for women
The psychology of radicalisation
Lego Islam
The Gulf States′ proxy war
Baiting at a distance

The Islamic Republic

Despite four years of moderate rule under President Rouhani and the historic nuclear deal with the West in 2015, little has changed in Iran. There has been no improvement in the human rights situation and the lifting of economic sanctions has mainly benefitted companies close to the state, writes political analyst Ali Fathollah-NejadRead more

Islamic education in India

A new breed of women-only Islamic seminaries in India are making the rarefied area of higher studies in Islamic theology accessible to girls, while introducing an eclectic blend of traditional religious studies and modern secular education. By Muhammed Nafih Read more

Preventing jihadism

Many of those individuals joining the jihad have little knowledge of the Koran. Yet there are other signs that indicate whether somebody might carry out an attack in the name of Allah. By Frederike HauptRead more


Of the civil wars ravaging the Arab world, the one Westerners hear least about may yet prove the most dangerous: Libya. Commentary by Joseph Hammond and Suhaib KebhajRead more


Iranians celebrate Rouhani′s election victory in Tehran (source: IRNA)

The Islamic Republic

The West's Iran policy: For real change through trade

Soldier loyal to Al-Thani and Haftar in Benghazi, 2015 (photo: Abdullah Doma/AFP/Getty Images)


The Gulf States′ proxy war: Baiting at a distance

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Press freedom

Pleading our own cause: Egyptian authorities block

Opposition politician Imran Khan in his residence in Bani Fala (photo: Reuters/Caren Firouz)



Interview with Pakistani politician Imran Khan: "Moving towards democracy"


Female students – at Grace Valley "Wafiyya" College of Arts in Science in Malappuram, Kerala, India (source: Grace Valley

Islamic education in India

All-female madrassas: Of women, by women and for women

Supporters cheer on Salafist preacher Pierre Vogel in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (photo: Boris Roessler/dpa)

Preventing jihadism

The psychology of radicalisation: Lego Islam

Afghan architect Masouma Delijam, Kabul (photo: DW/B. Schulke)

Hindu Kush

Reconstruction in Afghanistan: The strong women of Darul Aman


Star Wars space port Mos Espa (photo: picture-alliance/blickwinkel/B. Bachmann)


Reviving the Tunisian tourism industry: Calling on the force

Duo ″Ya Tosiba″ – vocalist Zuzu Zakaria and electronics whizz Tatu Mosak (source: YouTube)

Album review

″Love Party″ by Ya Tosiba: Sufi in the house

Officially female bands may now perform, albeit only in front of all-female audiences (source: ISNA)

Culture in Iran

Music in Rouhani′s Iran: A change in tune?

Saudi Arabian writer and novelist Badriah Albeshr (photo: private)

Book review: Badriah Albeshr′s ″Hend and the Soldiers″

In fear of the fury