Power struggle in Yemen
An unstable situation turns critical
The Salaam-Shalom Initiative
Breaking down artificial walls
After the Paris attacks
A dangerous "alliance"
Terrorism debate
The distortion of Islam

Power struggle in Yemen

The political crisis in Yemen came to a head when Shia Houthi rebels stormed the presidential palace and surrounded the home of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi on 20 January. Two days later, the president resigned. Sherif Abdel Samad has been assessing the situation in Sanaa and Saada, where he spoke with representatives of the Houthi rebelsRead more

After the Paris attacks


There can be no excuse for the recent attacks in Paris. However, one possible way of understanding them is to take a closer look at the bipolar "alliance" between Islamists and Islamophobia, which can be viewed as the root of these terrorist acts. Moreover, in the wake of the attacks, we must ask ourselves what freedom of speech is, what its boundaries are and who really represents it. A commentary by Atef BotrosRead more


Houthi rebels at a checkpoint in Yemen (photo: Reuters/K. Abdullah)

Power struggle in Yemen

An unstable situation turns critical

A sign reading "Stop Multi-culti. My homeland will remain German" at a Pegida demonstration in Dresden, 12 January 2015 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/A. Burgi)

After the Paris attacks


The dangerous "alliance" between Islamism and Islamophobia

Imam Djelloul Seddiki (right) during a meeting between Pope Francis and French imams in the Vatican (photo: Reuters)

Interview with the French imam Djelloul Seddiki


"Extremist groups want to impose on us a clash of civilisations"


Nilufer Gole (photo: picture-alliance/ZB/Esch-Kenkel)

Interview with Turkish sociologist Nilufer Gole

"There is a collective will to live together"

People take part in a protest organised by Amnesty International for the immediate release of the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, in front of the Saudi Embassy in The Hague, 15 January 2015 (photo: Martijn Beekman/AFP/Getty Images)

On Raif Badawi, Charlie Hebdo and non-violent Islamism

"We are all in this together, like it or not"

Prof Jorg Kudla (2nd from right) with the tri-national team of researchers at the kick-off meeting in the Palestinian city of Bait Jala, which lies between Jerusalem and Bethlehem (photo: WWU)

German–Israeli–Palestinian research co-operation

Science in the shadow of war


Screenshot of the caricature on the front of the most recent edition of the Turkish satirical magazine "Cafcaf" bearing the statement "No, nothing has been forgiven!"

Islamic satirical magazine "Cafcaf" from Istanbul

"No, nothing has been forgiven!"

Kasse Mady Diabate (source: www.kassemadydiabatemusic.com)

Album review: "Kirike" by Kasse Mady Diabate

"Understanding is what we wish for: to live in peace"

Khalil (photo: private)

Interview with the cartoonist Khalil

"There is nothing that can justify this sort of violence"

Museq – Daydream 2 (photo: Bubu Productions/Yoann Pistermann)

Musica Sequenza and Burak Ozdemir: "Rameau a la Turque"

Orientalising Orientalism