Murder and kidnapping in Iraq
An inexorable tide
″Central Airport THF″ by Karim Ainouz
Lives lived in waiting
Islamist ideology debunked
Getting past the abuse
Release of Deniz Yucel
It′s not over yet

Murder and kidnapping in Iraq

In today's Iraq, there is no force more powerful than the militias and no voice louder than those who seek to drive a wedge between the religious denominations, says Iraqi writer Safaa KhalafRead more

Berlinale 2018: ″Central Airport THF″ by Karim Ainouz

″Central Airport THF″, the new documentary by Karim Ainouz intentionally turns the focus away from the image of refugees as victims. He is far more interested in how, under adverse circumstances, life endures in an atmosphere of waiting. By Rene WildangelRead more

Islamist ideology debunked

Many efforts to provide counter-narratives for Salafist-jihadism are currently failing to address extremists′ abuse of religious scripture directly. Nevertheless, efforts to combat extremism through religious counter-narratives are expanding across the Islamic world. By Rachel Bryson and Milo ComerfordRead more

Release of German journalist Deniz Yucel

Die Welt correspondent Deniz Yucel has finally been freed after a year in custody, but this has done nothing to change the situation within the Turkish media and judiciary. Commentary by Ulrich von SchwerinRead more


Military parade in the United Arab Emirates (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/Emirates News Agency)

Saudi Arabian and UAE foreign policy

A finger in every pie

Iran′s revolutionary leader Ali Khamenei speaks to relatives of the martyr families in Tehran (photo: picture-alliance)

The Islamic Republic turns 39

At risk of Syrianisation?


Muslim reads from the Koran (photo: picture-alliance/ANP/R. Koole)

Islamist ideology debunked

Getting past the abuse

Volunteer grave-digger Chemseddine Marzoug (photo: AFP)

Tunisia's ″Cemetery for the Unknown″

The gravedigger of Zarzis

Journalist holding a placard bearing the likeness of Ahmet Altan stands in front of Istanbul courthouse on 19 June 2017 (photo: Getty Images/AFP/O. Kose)

Interview with Sanem Altan, daughter of Turkish detainee Ahmet Altan

″The rule of law is disappearing″

Lebanese schoolchildren attend a political Islam school (photo: AFP/raseef22)

Lebanon′s education system

The problem with political Islam


Still from Karim Ainouz′ ″Central Aiport THF″ (photo: Juan Sarmiento)

Berlinale 2018: ″Central Airport THF″ by Karim Ainouz

Lives lived in waiting

Extract from the film "Sheikh Jackson" (source: YouTube)

Film review: ″Sheikh Jackson″

Pop go the faithful

Kurdish author Bachtyar Ali (photo: Bachtyar Ali)

Interview with Kurdish author Bachtyar Ali

"I only exist where my words take flight"

Soubhi Shami plays Elsewhere Bird (source: Theater der Jungen Welt, Leipzig)

″Der Vogel Anderswo″ – Elsewhere Bird

Nurturing empathy