Cameron's counter-extremism strategy
Cause for concern or necessary evil?
Islamism in the Paris aftermath
The "Allah Generation"
IS terror in Europe
Crossing a psychological line

Cameron's counter-extremism strategy

Counter-terrorism and security legislation already in place, the British government recently published details of its controversial counter-extremism strategy. Vague enough to allow a wide range of interpretations, it was met with alarm by a number of interest groups. With the Paris attacks fresh in everyone’s minds, however, Cameron’s drive against Islamist ideology could well find increasing support among public and politicians alike. By Susannah TarbushRead more

Islamism in the Paris aftermath

Many people fear that young refugees from Iraq or Syria are being recruited by Salafists in Western Europe. But the facts show that these fears are unfounded. By Michael KieferRead more

Album review: ″Detour Guide″ by Karim Nagi

Stereotyping has been going on for a long time. We see something different and we try to make it easily definable by using simplistic, often demeaning, words describing something as complex as an entire culture, or race. In his newest release, ″Detour Guide″, Karim Nagi tackles this issue with humour and intelligence, while expressing pride in his culture and peopleRead more

IS terror in Europe

Following the devastating attacks on Paris, French terrorism experts believe that the jihadists′ awareness must have undergone a radical change to enable them to operate in Paris just as they do in Syria or Iraq. Has "Islamic State" altered its strategy? Analysis by Birgit KasparRead more


Houcine Abbassi from the UGTT (photo: Reuters)

Tunisia's union leader Houcine Abbassi

The intermediary

Mourner holds a tag saying ′I′m a Parisian" (photo: Reuters/K. Pempel)

IS terror in Europe

Crossing a psychological line

Flowers laid at one of the attack sites: Club Bataclan in Paris (photo: Reuters)

Paris terrorist attacks

A terrible case of deja-vu

Mourners in the Moroccan capital Rabat remember the victims of the Paris attacks (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/A. Senna)

Arab reactions to the Paris attacks

Uneasy bedfellows in the fight against IS


Supporters of the radical Islamic preacher Pierre Vogel take part in a demonstration in Frankfurt am Main city centre on 07.09.2013 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/ B. Roessler)

Islamism in the Paris aftermath

The "Allah Generation": figment of the collective imagination

The German pastor Gregor Hohberg, the Israeli rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin and the German-Turkish imam Kadi Sanci during the symbolic foundation stone ceremony in Berlin on 3 June 2014 (photo: JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)

The Berlin Project "House of One"

Three religions under one roof

London protest on 6 May 2011 following the killing of Osama bin Laden (photo: picture-alliance/empics)

Cameron's counter-extremism strategy

Cause for concern or necessary evil?

Fritz Schulze (photo: Adelheid Feilcke)

Interview with Fritz Schulze

"Islam is deeply rooted in Indonesian democracy"


Bremen publisher Madjid Mohit (photo: picture-alliance/dpa/I. Wagner)

PEN Centre honours Iranian-German publisher Madjid Mohit

Taking ″aerial root″

Album cover (cropped) of "Detour Guide" by Karim Nagi

Album review: ″Detour Guide″ by Karim Nagi

Breaking the mould

Susan Abulhawa (photo: Chase Burkett)

"The Blue Between Sky and Water" by Susan Abulhawa

Love and suffering in Gaza Panel: Rania Zaghir und Amira El-Ahl, vlnr (Foto: Goethe-Institut/Mirko Lux)

The Arab world

(Not) an unlimited book market?