Politics and economics in Iran
Somewhere over the rainbow
Interview with Navid Kermani
Solidarity, liberty, openness
Combating violent extremism
Could Sufi Islam be the cure-all?
Spate of murders in Bangladesh
See no evil, hear no evil

Politics and economics in Iran

Four months after the historic nuclear deal, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been left practically empty-handed. UN sanctions against Iran have been largely lifted, but those still in force are so complex that few financial institutions in Europe are daring to conduct any business with Tehran, where there is a growing sense of disappointment – leaving rich pickings for the radicals. By Ali SadrzadehRead more

Interview with Navid Kermani

German-Iranian writer and Islamic studies expert Navid Kermani, who was awarded the German Book Trade′s Peace Prize in Oktober 2015 is one of Germany's most compelling thinkers. In an interview with Catherine Newmark, he speaks about literature und politics, the threat to freedom and the future of EuropeRead more

Combating violent extremism


The world is in urgent need of a ″soft″ strategy when it comes to fighting radical Islamist ideology. Enter Sufi Islam which, argues Pakistan academic Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi, can help us brave the challenges of curbing fanaticism, fundamentalism and violent extremismRead more

Spate of murders in Bangladesh

A spate of recent killings of secular bloggers, academics and activists has spotlighted the growing sense of insecurity in Bangladesh. Ali Riaz explains the reasons behind the attacks and the government's inactionRead more


Demonstrating against blogger murders in Bangladesh (photo: DW/A. Islam)

Spate of murders in Bangladesh

See no evil, hear no evil

Libyans protesting about UN candidate recommendations for the unity government in Benghazi (photo: Reuters/E.O. Al-Fetori)

Political crisis in Libya

United we stand?

US President Barack Obama at the Gulf Co-operation Summit in Riyadh on 21.04.2016 (photo: Reuters/K. Lamarque)

Saudi-US relations

Chilly diplomacy

French journalist and author Garance Le Caisne (photo: private)

Interview with the journalist and author Garance le Caisne

Caesar and the butcher of Damascus


Muslim fashion show in Kuala Lumpur (photo: Getty Images/AFP/M. Vatsyayana)

Fashion for Muslim women

Modesty a la mode

Navid Kermani (photo: picture alliance/Sven Simon)

Interview with Navid Kermani

Solidarity, liberty, openness

Stock image of primary school children

Education in the Arab world

Stop corrupting the next generation!

″Marriage is not a game″ is what this sign in the ″Al Dar″ refuge in Lebanon means. The dolls are a constant reminder of the dangers of child marriage (photo: Iris Mostegel)

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The house of 18 women


Arabic books (source: Wikimedia)

Arabic literature as a cultural asset

Uncharted waters

Egypt′s music legend Abdel Halim Hafez (source: YouTube)

Dina Hamza′s documentary film "Gaye El Zaman"

A daughter's tribute

Pashtun musician Ismail Khan (left) with former band colleague Junaid (photo: private)

Interview with the Pashtun musician Ismail Khan

"Music was the best resistance I could think of"

Photo of the author Evelyn Waugh, 1940 (source: Carl Van Vechten Photographs Collection, Library of Congress, USA)

Evelyn Waugh′s ″Labels: A Mediterranean Journal″

Egypt revisited