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Anti-Sarrazin demonstration in Potsdam in September 2010 (photo: imago/Christian Thiel)

Book review: Klaus J. Bade on Thilo Sarrazin


Forget Sarrazin!

In 2010, the German politician and former member of the board of the Bundesbank Thilo Sarrazin, caused a nationwide uproar with his hugely controversial theories on intelligence, class, race, immigration and multiculturalism. The prominent migration specialist Klaus J. Bade has now written a book on the ensuing debate. According to Andreas Pflitsch, Bade's analysis is thorough, but he completely misses the essence of the matterMore

Laurent Fries's world map, which is based on the Waldseemüller map of 1513 (photo: Wikimedia commons)

Global history

Playing with the relativity of perspectives

A new six-volume work entitled "A History of the World" is the high point of a historiographical boom in the discipline known as "global history". The project attempts to overcome the eurocentrism of traditional writings of history. By Andreas PflitschMore

Youssef Ziedan (photo: Doris Poblekowski)

Youssef Ziedan's Novel ''Azazeel''

In Case of Doubt, Choose Doubt

Youssef Ziedan's "Azazeel" was awarded the renowned Arab Booker Prize in 2009. Our reviewer Andreas Pflitsch says that this historical novel is a plea against religiously motivated violenceMore

Protest on Tahrir Square (photo: AP, dapd)

Alaa al-Aswani's "On the State of Egypt"

''Democracy Is the Solution''

A selection of columns published before the revolution by celebrated Egyptian writer Alaa al-Aswani show that even if the West was turning a blind eye to imminent political change in Egypt, many writers and intellectuals were making clear predictions of the seismic eruptions to come. By Andreas PflitschMore