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UN observers in Syria (photo: Reuters)

Iraqi crisis

A UN protection force, not arms shipments

If the threat of genocide in northern Iraq is to be averted and the advance of IS militias stopped, an international protection force must be dispatched to the region, says security expert Andreas ZumachMore

Beratungen zu Syrien in Genf: US-Außenminister John Kerry (l.) neben dem UN-Gesandten Lakhdar Brahimi (m.) und Russlands Außenminister Sergej Lawrow; Foto: Reuters

Syrian Conflict

Political Breakthrough or Tactical Manoeuvre?

In Geneva, the US and Russian foreign ministers announced their agreement on a plan for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons – but is it a breakthrough for a political solution? Or is the agreement itself merely a manoeuvre to help Russia and the USA save face? Answers from Andreas ZumachMore

EU flags outside the European Commission in Brussels (photo: Thierry Monasse/DPA)

Europe's Syria Policy

Union of the Unwilling

The Syrian conflict has shown that the UN's "responsibility to protect" concept and the EU's common foreign and security policy are no more than wishful thinking, writes Andreas ZumachMore

Kofi Annan and Bashar al-Assad (photo: dpa)

Political Perspectives after the Massacre in Syria

Time for Plan B

The Houla massacre signals the definitive failure of the peace accord drawn up by Kofi Annan, the joint UN and Arab League special envoy to Syria. Now, the only alternative is a peace mission to Syria agreed by all five veto powers on the UN Security Council. Commentary by Andreas ZumachMore

UN security council discusses the situation in Syria (photo: dpad)


Plea for a Humanitarian Intervention

The urgently needed humanitarian intervention in Syria will only become reality if there is consensus between the five veto powers in the UN Security Council. As impossible as it seems – it can be done, says Andreas ZumachMore

Session of the UN Security Council on 4 February 2012 (photo: AP)

After the Veto of the UN Resolution

Syria on the Brink of Civil War

Following Russia and China's veto of the UN resolution on Syria, the outlook for Syria is bleak. According to Andreas Zumach, both the harmful confrontation in the UN Security Council and the escalation of violence in Syria itself makes it seem highly unlikely that any effective help will come from outside the countryMore