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Indonesian Shia Muslims are escorted by police officers as they flee their village following sectarian violence in August 2012 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Religious Tension in Indonesia

Tolerance No More

Indonesia has the biggest Muslim population in the world and is often described as a country where people live peacefully side by side, tolerating difference. In reality, however, the targeting of religious minorities has been on the increase for years. By Andy BudimanMore

Men attack and set fire to Shiite homes in Sampang, Indonesia (photo: Getty Images)

Persecution of Shiites in Indonesia

Hate Preachers and Incitement to Violence

Following a massacre of Shiites in Eastern Java, the Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has called on the government and the police to provide special protection for the Shiite minority. But many Shiite Muslims remain frightened and insecure. By Andy BudimanMore

A destroyed Ahmadi home in Pandeglang, Indonesia (photo: AP)

Violence against Minorities in Indonesia


Democracy without Tolerance

The violence against minorities in Indonesia has reached new, terrible heights. While Islamist hardliners target Christians and supporters of the Islamic Ahmadiyya, the state turns a blind eye. Andy Budiman has the detailsMore