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Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, one of the locations used for Biennale Jogja XII (photo: Christina Schott)

Biennale Jogja XII Equator #2

Indonesia's arts scene explores the Arab world

Thirty-five artists and artists' groups from Indonesia and a selection of Arab countries are presenting their work as part of the Equator series at this year's Biennale Jogja in Yogyakarta. Christina Schott took a look aroundMore

Protests against President Yudhoyono's economic policy in Jakarta, Indonesia (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Democracy and Human Rights in Indonesia

A Blocked Constitutional State

The country with the world's biggest Muslim population has now experienced 15 years of democracy. But the political euphoria of the Indonesian "Reformasi" movement has long since given way to disenchantment. Ex-dictator Suharto's old boy network is still very much in place, and radical Islam is on the rise. By Christina SchottMore