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A man wearing a gas mask and a boy run away from a combat zone in Aleppo, Syria (photo: Getty Images/AFP)

Essay by the Syrian Writer Fawwaz Haddad

Children of a Divided Nation

In his essay, the renowned Syrian writer and novelist Fawwaz Haddad criticises the cynical attitude of the international community toward the Syrian conflict and the dramatic decline of his homelandMore

A defaced poster of President Assad in Aleppo (photo: Reuters)

Uprising in Syria

Zero Hour Approaching for Syria

Zero hour may not yet have arrived for the Syrian regime, but the sense of security in Damascus is fractured and illusory, and the misguided responses of the regime are causing fear and apprehension among the people, writes Fawwaz Haddad from Damascus in his essayMore

Bashar Al Assad (photo: AP)

Resistance to the Assad Regime

Iron Hand and Bloody Reform

The brutality of the crackdown against the democracy movement in Syria is a reminder that the iron hand of the regime squeezes the life out of any potential reforms at birth – respected Syrian writer Fawwaz Haddad reports from DamascusMore