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People beneath a Turkish flag vent their anger about plans to replace Istanbul's Gezi Park with a shopping centre (photo: Reuters)

Protests in Turkey

A Turkish Spring with a Leftist Bent

What began as a protest against plans to build a kitschy shopping centre on the site of a small park in the heart of Istanbul has escalated into a conflict of values. By Ian BurumaMore

Two young women stand in silence after placing flower near Sundvollen close to the Utoya island, near Oslo, Norway, Tuesday, July 26, 2011 (photo: dapd)

Islamophobia in Europe

Breivik's Call to Arms

Geert Wilders and other anti-Islamists cannot be made responsible for Anders Breivik's killing spree – but their writings and statements have been sufficiently hysterical and hateful to incite a person with an unbalanced mind, writes Ian BurumaMore