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IS supporters in Mosul on 16 June 2014 (photo: picture-alliance/AP)

Shifting alliances in the Middle East


My enemy's enemy is my friend

The successes of IS militias are turning the West's established concept of friend and foe on its head. Former rogue nations are emerging as strategic partners, and declared terrorists are becoming allies. By Karim El-GawharyMore

Peshmerga fighters in Iraq (photo: Reuters)

The Peshmerga fight against IS militia

An unpredictable enemy

The Kurdish Peshmerga have limited tools in hand for their fight against the IS terror militia: they are for the most part poorly equipped, military co-ordination with the Americans is sluggish and US air strikes have thus far had little impact. By Karim El-Gawhary in IraqMore

Members of an ISIS unit in Nineveh (photo: AFP)

ISIS and the Iraqi government

In the grip of the jihadists

For years, Iraq's Sunnis have been marginalised by the central government in Baghdad. This is now having dire consequences. It is apparent that ISIS's advance has been aided by former Sunni officers from the Saddam era. By Karim El-GawharyMore

Supporters of Abdul Fattah al-Sisi on 3 June 2014 in Cairo (photo: Reuters)

EU election monitors in Egypt

Alienating all sides

The EU wants it both ways: it would like to retain the moral upper hand as the cradle of democracy, while at the same time maintaining good links with Egypt's new leader, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. A commentary by Karim El-GawharyMore

Mohammed Badie, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, waves from inside the defendants' cage during the trial of brotherhood members in February 2014 (photo: Ahmed Gamil/AFP/Getty Images)

More mass death sentences in Egypt

The breakdown of Egypt's legal system

Instead of demonstrating its professionalism and independence and upholding the rule of law, Egypt's judiciary is compromising itself by playing the role of an angel of vengeance, handing down merciless punishments to members of the Muslim Brotherhood in fast-track mass trials. The breakdown of the country's legal system is a disaster that will eventually cost all Egyptians dear, says Karim El-Gawhary in CairoMore

Memorial service for Mayada Ashraf, who was killed recently in Cairo (photo: picture-alliance/AA)

Attacks on journalists in Egypt

Caught in the crossfire

Once again, a young woman journalist has been killed in Cairo, and once again, no one is being held responsible or brought to justice. Karim El-Gawhary reports from Cairo on the case of the murdered journalist Mayada AshrafMore

Serious rioting on Tahrir Square in Cairo (photo: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

The political consequences of the Arab Spring


Some revolts just take longer

Civil war in Syria, a military regime in Egypt ... at first glance, it seems as if the Arab Spring has gone off the rails. But the battle is not over yet: 2014 will be a decisive year for change in the Arab world. An essay by Karim El-GawharyMore

The cloth puppet Abla Fahita seen on computer screens (photo: Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images)

Investigations against a cloth puppet in Egypt

Theatre of the absurd

Egypt is currently hooked on a real-life satire playing out before its eyes: the country's public prosecutors are investigating a TV puppet on suspicion of terrorism. Karim El-Gawhary reports from CairoMore

The committee designated to revise the constitution that was put into effect by Mohammed Morsi (photo: picture alliance/landov)

New Egyptian Constitution


Democracy Hangs by a Thread

The new draft constitution sets down the timetable for democratic transition on paper, but the police and military are standing guard at the station and controlling the points, writes Karim El-Gawhary in his commentaryMore

Protests of the Muslim Brotherhod against the toppling of President Morsi in Alexandria (photo: picture-alliance/AA)

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Limited Options

The world's oldest Islamist organization has apparently failed in its strategy of confrontation with the ruling military. It is now proving difficult for the movement to make a fresh political start. Karim El-Gawhary reports from CairoMore

Supporters of Morsi in front of Cairo's High Court (photo: Mohamed Kamel/AFP/Getty Images)

Egypt's Former President Morsi on Trial

A Test of the Justice System

Are Egypt's courts using different standards when it comes to the trials against former dictator Hosni Mubarak and former president Mohammed Morsi? Karim El-Gawhary in Cairo says it's not impossible that the trials will end up with Mubarak a free man and Morsi in prisonMore

Syrian refugee children at the police station in Abukir, Egypt (photo: Karim El-Gawhary)

Syrian Boat Refugees in Egypt

"Head Straight on to Europe!"

Many Syrian refugees are trying to reach Europe from Egypt via the Mediterranean. They are risking their lives to escape the civil war in their homeland. A reportage by Karim El-Gawhary in Abukir, EgyptMore

Morsi supporters flee the escalating violence in Cairo (photo: dpa/AP)

Escalation of Violence in Egypt

The Desired Radicalisation of the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's security apparatus wants to isolate and radicalise the Muslim Brotherhood. This would render the movement vincible. An analysis by Karim El-GawharyMore

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Political Pressure Exerted by Gulf States in Egypt

Reaching for the Cheque Book

With economic aid packages running into the billions, Saudi Arabia is leading a campaign to manipulate Egyptian politics, shore up support for the army and eliminate its old rival, the Muslim Brotherhood. Report by Karim El-GawharyMore

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood calling for the release of Mohammed Morsi outside the headquarters of the Republican Guard (photo: Reuters)

After the Military Coup in Egypt

Power Vacuum Looms Large

Since the ousting of President Morsi, the struggle for power in Cairo has continued unabated. As the violence escalates without check, it has proven impossible for all sides to agree on a candidate for the post of interim prime minister. Karim El-Gawhary in Cairo has the detailsMore

The Cairo office of the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Verdict against NGO Representatives in Egypt

Methodical Political Subjugation

In Egypt, employees of a number of foreign NGOs have been sentenced to jail terms in absentia, among them representatives of the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The shameful process throws a spotlight on decades of state control and the legal insecurity of NGOs operating in the Nile region. A commentary by Karim El-GawharyMore