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Christian mass in the church La Goulette in Tunis (photo: Fethi Belaid/AFP/Getty Images)

Christians in Tunisia

Cause for Concern

Pressure on Tunisian Christians in Tunisia has grown since the nation's Jasmine Revolution. Observations from Katharina Pfannkuch in TunisMore

Anti-government rally in Tunisia (photo: Reuters)


Religion's Political Role Expands

Many in Tunisia fear that religious radicals are gaining too much influence over the country's political discourse. The governing Ennahda party, however, has to find a way to appeal to both secularists and Islamists. Katharina Pfannkuch reports from TunisMore

Anti-government protests after the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi (photo: Fethi Belaid/AFP/Getty Images)

Aftermath of Political Assassination in Tunis

Government Opponents Are Put to the Test

Following the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi, the streets of Tunisia are filled with protesters. The political opposition and civil society are facing their greatest challenge since the revolution. Katharina Pfannkuch reports from TunisMore

Portest against the economic crisis in Tunis (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

Tunisia's Economic Crisis

The Decline of the Middle Class

More than two years have passed since the start of the so-called "Arab Spring" in Tunisia. What began as a fight for social justice became an ideological tug-of-war between Islamists and secular forces. But while the elite engage in theoretical debate, the economic crisis deepens. Katharina Pfannkuch reportsMore