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Children playing in the kindergarten for traumatised children in Manshia, Syria (photo: Laura Overmeyer)

Syrian refugee children

A lost generation in the making

In the Jordanian village of Manshia, a German NGO has set up a kindergarten for traumatised Syrian refugee children. Here, they can leave their horrible past behind and learn how to be children again. Laura Overmeyer visited the kindergartenMore

Young Palestinians with their skateboards on the new skater ramp in Qalqilya(photo: Laura Overmeyer)

The X-Games skaters in Palestine

If at first you don't succeed

The city of Qalqilya in the north-west of the West Bank is walled in on three sides by the Israeli separation barrier. A group of young local skaters called the "X-Games" is fighting for more space, freedom of movement and a way to break out of the stuffy, conservative atmosphere. Laura Overmeyer reports from QalqilyaMore

Young men practice juggling (photo: Palestinian Circus School)

The Palestinian Circus School

Spreading hope and fostering inclusion

Pupils at the Palestinian Circus School don't just learn how to somersault and juggle, their training gives them the chance to transform their negative energy into self-confidence, creativity and hope – no mean feat in a country where children and young people have to cope with the harsh realities of violence and military occupation. Laura Overmeyer paid the school a visitMore

Rosa Yassin Hassan (photo: DW)

Interview with the Syrian Writer Rosa Yassin Hassan

Touched by Magic

Until a few months ago, Rosa Yassin Hassan was filing daily reports on the war in Syria in her blog, "Diary of the Syrian Revolution". Her accounts detailed both the suffering of civilians and the brutal acts committed by both the regime and the opposition. Persecuted by the regime, she fled to Germany in the autumn of 2012. Laura Overmeyer spoke to herMore

Al-Shabaab militiamen near Mogadishu (photo: dapd)

The Case of Somalia

Pirates, Warlords, and Islamists

Over the past few years, interest in the fate of Somalia has increasingly faded into the background. And as books about the country are a scarce commodity, it is all the more welcome that Marc Engelhardt is now sharing his wealth of experience and solid knowledge about Somalia. By Laura OvermeyerMore

Melih Kesmen of 'Style Islam' designs Islamic fashion (courtesy: Melih Kesmen)

Islamic Streetwear from the German ''Styleislam'' Label

Modern, Rebellious, and Pleasing in the Sight of God

Melih Kesmen designs Islamic fashion, which has brought him a great deal of international success. Laura Overmeyer relates how Kesmen, a German Muslim, developed his spontaneous idea into a successful concept and how fashion can be used to promote interreligious dialogueMore

Kevin Sheppard and his teammates from A.S. Shiraz (copyright:

Documentary Feature ''The Iran Job''

US Basketball Player as Cultural Diplomat

In Autumn 2008, film maker Till Schauder accompanied the American basketball player Kevin Sheppard to Iran, where he'd signed a contract to play a season with A.S. Shiraz. Initially, Sheppard tried to keep sport and politics apart, but he soon realised that that wasn't possible in Iran. By Laura OvermeyerMore

Promenade in and skyline of Doha, Qatara (photo: DW)

Islamic Jurisprudence in Qatar

Putting the Gulf on the Legal Education Map

The small emirate of Qatar is extremely ambitious – and wants to position itself as a motor for the region, also in the field of jurisprudence. Laura Overmeyer spoke to the German legal expert Günter Frankenberg, who is aiming to set up an innovative legal research institute in DohaMore

Logo The uprising of women in the Arab world

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World

Fighting Patriarchal Tyranny

The group "The uprising of women in the Arab world" is taking a courageous stand for gender equality. However, the activists face significant resistance: from old ways of thinking, patriarchal chauvinism – and even from Facebook. Laura Overmeyer reportsMore

Bahman Nirumand (photo: dpa)

''Human Rights as an Alibi'' by Bahman Nirumand

The Colonial Era Is Long Gone

In his new book, the German-Iranian journalist Bahman Nirumand appeals to the West to adopt a new foreign policy approach. Western politics should not align itself with the principles of realpolitik, but place much more emphasis on individual values. He says this is the only way to contribute to a stabilisation of the Middle East region. By Laura OvermeyerMore