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Pro-Sisi and pro-Egypt products on sale in Cairo (photo: DW/B. Knight)

Presidential election in Egypt

No real choice

It is a foregone conclusion that Egypt's military ruler Abdul Fattah al-Sisi will win the first presidential election since the ousting of the Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013. Nevertheless, true democracy in the land on the Nile is still a long way off, writes Loay MudhoonMore

Shocked relatives react after learning of the death sentences passed on 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Mass death sentences against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Egypt's future at risk

Earlier this week, an Egyptian court sentenced over 500 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death in a case that lasted less than two days. According to Loay Mudhoon, this ruling is the work of a politicised judiciary and could destroy any chance of national reconciliationMore

Protests of pro-Morsi activists in Cairo. Egypt (photo: Reuters)

Intervention of the Military

No Second Revolution on the Nile

The forced removal of Mohammed Morsi has intensified the polarization of Egypt. To stop the country becoming ungovernable, all the political forces need to be brought into the transition process, says Loay MudhoonMore

King Abdullah surrounded by members of the Saudi royal family (photo: epa/Saudi Press Agency)

Saudi Arabia's Foreign and Security Policy

Categorical Imperative

Saudi Arabia's political maxim is stability for the petrodollar monarchy. Everything else is of secondary importance for the powers that be in Riyadh. But as long as Wahhabism remains the absolute ideology of state, there can be no real unity or real stability in the Saudi Arabian nation. By Loay MudhoonMore

Mohammed Morsi giving a speech during his election campaign (photo: dpa)

The Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi Egypt's New President

Damned to Cooperation

Mohammed Morsi is becoming Egypt's first democratically elected president under enormously difficult circumstances. He will have to find a way to cooperate with all political powers, says Loay MudhoonMore

Young protestors in Tunisia in April 2012 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Arab World

No Arab Spring in Education

Many of the people taking to the streets in revolt movements in the Arab World are young college graduates. Although they are often better educated than their parents, their chances of finding a job are scant. Loay Mudhoon reportsMore

Günther Hasenkamp (photo: Goethe Institute Cairo)

The Cultural Scene in Egypt

Creative Artists Are the Motor for Change

Creative artists in Arab countries are playing a key role in the revolutionary process. But their efforts are being hampered by poor infrastructure. This is where international cultural work can help, says Günther Hasenkamp, Programme Director at the Goethe Institute in CairoMore

A young man walks past graffiti that reads 'revolution' in downtown Cairo (photo: dpa)

2011 in the Arab World

No Reason to Fear the Democratic Experiment

Will the Arab Spring end in an Islamist-dominated, backward-looking, grey winter? Despite the Islamists' recent successes in the first free elections in the Arab world,'s Loay Mudhoon feels that this is unlikely to be the caseMore

Syria's empty seat at the Arab League summit in Morocco (photo: dapd)

The Arab League and the Conflict in Syria

The Unexpected Renaissance of the Arab League

The Arab League is taking a remarkably firm line towards the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, which is setting its face against reform. Loay Mudhoon argues that this is a reaction to the revolutionary events and the regional shifts in power in the Arab worldMore

Al-Jazeera editorial room in Doha, Qatar (photo: AP)

Arab and Western Media 10 Years after 9/11

When Is a Martyr a Martyr?

Ten years after the attacks of 11 September 2001, international media need an East–West consensus – and not just with regard to the usage of key terms. Common standards and ethical norms are indispensable for reporting in crisis situations. A commentary by Loay MudhoonMore

Demonstrators at Tahrir Square holding Korans and Crosses (photo: dapd)

Relations between Christians and Muslims in the New Egypt

Civil Society Instead of Confessionalism

The epochal transformations in the Arab world offer a historic opportunity for Muslims and Christians in these countries – and especially in Egypt – to establish a new, constitutional foundation for their relations. A commentary by Loay MudhoonMore

Osama Bin Laden (photo: AP)

Arab Reactions to Bin Laden's Death

Al Qaida – A Lost Cause?

Reactions to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in the Arab region were mainly reserved. The current focus there is more on the rebellions against authoritarian rulers, as Loay Mudhoon reportsMore