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Anti-American protests in Cairo (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

After the Military Coup in Egypt

State-tolerated Xenophobia

Egypt has been flooded by a wave of xenophobia. Not only Americans, but above all Palestinians and Syrians are suffering from regime-tolerated media agitation against foreigners. Matthias Sailer reports from CairoMore

Revolutionaries in Egypt celebrate the ouster of president Mohammed Mursi (photo: Reuters)

President Morsi Ousted

Revolution in Egypt, Again

The celebrations across Egypt following the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi look very much like those in 2011, when Hosni Mubarak had to go. But whether this new revolution is here to stay, is unclear. Matthias Sailer reports from CairoMore

Anti-Morsi demonstration in Cairo, Egypt (photo: Reuters)

Morsi's Islamist Regime

Attacks on Egypt's Opposition on the Rise

Rights groups say attacks on opposition activists and critical media in Egypt are on the rise. In parliament, the Islamist regime is quickly trying to pass legislation that will further limit citizens' freedom of speech. Matthias Sailer reports from CairoMore

The entrance to the Tahrir Lounge in Cairo (photo: Hammuda Bdewi)

The ''Tahrir Lounge'' in Cairo

Grassroots Democracy

In a project funded by Germany, a team of young Egyptians in Cairo is trying to boost civil participation and create political awareness without subscribing to any particular ideology. By Matthias SailerMore

Mursi's 'Dialogue meeting' in Cairo (photo: Reuters)

Constitutional Crisis in Egypt

No More Time for Dialogue?

Faced with ongoing street protests, President Morsi has made some concessions. But the underlying conflict continues – and the opposition has called for more protests. Matthias Sailer reports from CairoMore

Mass rally of supporters of President Morsi in Cairo (photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Political Power Struggle in Egypt

Deeply Divided

Demonstrations for and against Egyptian President Morsi took place this weekend in Cairo. Egyptians face the uneasy choice of supporting a constitutional draft or starting the process over from the beginning. Matthias Sailer reports from CairoMore

Protests in Egypt against Israel's air strikes in the Gaza Strip (photo: Reuters)

Egypt and the Gaza Crisis

Mounting Pressure on President Morsi

After the Israeli attacks on Gaza, Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi is under increasing pressure to balance domestic and international expectations. The anger among Egyptians over Israel and the US could even force Morsi to insist on renegotiating the peace treaty with Tel Aviv. By Matthias SailerMore

Cover of the Egyptian comic magazine El Doshma (copyright: Ahmed Omar)

Profile of the Egyptian Comic Illustrator Ahmed Omar

''The View from the Other Side''

Comic illustrator Ahmed Omar is primarily known for his cartoons in "El-Doshma". His comics address the issues of corruption, injustice – and the search for a better life. Matthias Sailer introduces the artistMore

Meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council (photo: dpa)

The Gulf Monarchies and the Arab Spring

Counter-revolution in the Gulf

Far away from the attention of Western media, the oil-rich Gulf monarchies are currently trying to avoid being hit by the wave of uprisings and revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East. So far, they have not only been successful in doing so, they've even managed to exploit the uprisings for their own purposes. Matthias Sailer reportsMore

A man holds up an election leaflet, picturing Mohammed Morsi (photo: Reuters)

The Election of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt

A President without Power

In the end, fears of a popular backlash were just too great: Egypt's military council was forced to sacrifice its favourite Ahmed Shafiq to safeguard its extensive economic and political interests. But the powers of the new president remain reduced to the bare minimum. An analysis by Matthias Sailer in CairoMore

Opponents of ousted president Hosni Mubarak demonstrating outside the courthouse where Mubarak was sentenced in Cairo (photo: Reuters)

Verdict in the Mubarak Trial

The Ancien Regime Absolves Itself of Guilt

A court in Cairo has sentenced Egypt's ousted president, Hosni Mubarak, to life imprisonment. This means that the 84-year-old is the first Arab ruler to be held to account for orders given during the Arab Spring. But the verdict leaves more questions unanswered than answered. Matthias Sailer takes a closer look at the verdict and what it means for EgyptMore

Saudi troops (photo: dpa)

Nervousness in the Gulf

Carrot and Stick Diplomacy

Unlike much of the rest of the Arab world, the Gulf region has seen very little in the way of protests so far. Here, too, however, political relations are in flux and those in power are coming under increasing presssure to justify their role. Matthias Sailer reportsMore