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Hazem Saghieh, political analyst and editor at the Arab newspaper 'Al Hayat' (photo: private)

Interview with Hazem Saghieh


Beyond the Authority of Religion and the Rule of Family Clans

The Lebanese political analyst and opinion-maker Hazem Saghieh is one of the foremost liberal thinkers in the Arab world. He has just published a book in which he analyses why democratic modernisation has failed to make much headway in Arab countries so far. Rachid Boutayeb spoke with him on the subjectMore

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca (photo: Wikipedia)

Mohamed Aziz Lahbabi's 'Muslim Personalism'


Draft of an Islamic Anthropology

The idea of the human being as an individual personality bears the deep stamp of the Christian religion and European culture. For Muslims, this way of thinking is not a matter of course. Moroccan philosopher Mohamed Aziz Lahbabi interpreted the concept of the person from the perspective of Islamic sources, generating a dialogue between the Muslim image of man and that of Western anthropologies. An interview with Markus Kneer, expert on Lahbabi's philosophyMore