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US-President Barack Obama meets Saudi King Abdullah in Washington DC (photo: Roger L. Wollenberg/EPA)

Saudi Arabia and America

The Estrangement of Two Allies

Saudi Arabia feels as though it has been left in the lurch by the US. Primary thorns in the Saudis' side are Washington's energy policy, its rapprochement with Iran and its conduct in the Syrian conflict. Riyadh is now going its own way. By Rainer HermannMore

Head of Egypt's Armed Forces, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi (photo: Reuters)

Egypt after the Military Coup

Dead End

Egypt's new regime has abandoned any attempts to give itself a fig leaf of legitimization. Armed forces chief Sisi has only widened the gulf between the camps. A commentary by Rainer HermannMore

Demonstration in Yemen (photo: dpa/picture alliance)

After the Arab Revolutions

Islamic Modernity

An enormous whirlwind of change has been unleashed by the upheavals in the Arab world and the long-term effects are unforeseeable. A middle course will have to be charted between the precepts of Islam and the demands of revolution. By Rainer HermannMore

Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi (photo: Reuters)

Interview with Mohamed Morsi

''We Don't Want a Theocratic State''

"We believe in a modern state, in which the transfer of power takes place peacefully and in which democracy and freedom prevail." With these words, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi expressed the sentiment that his country does not wish to become a theocratic state. Here is the full interview of President Morsi with Markus Bickel and Rainer HermannMore

Demonstration in Cairo against the reintroduction of emergency laws (photo: dpa)

Egypt before the First Post-Mubarak Parliamentary Election

Organised Uncertainty

Although Egypt's first free election is due to take place in two months' time, the country still does not have an electoral law. The reason is quite straightforward: the military wants to shape the way the electorate votes. Rainer Hermann reportsMore

A jubilant crowd in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, after the news broke President Saleh had left the country (photo: AP)

Power Struggle in Yemen

A Yemeni Tribal Affair

The power struggle in Yemen is primarily a conflict between two families: On the one hand that of President Saleh, who clearly has no plans to leave office quietly, and on the other the Ahmar family, which presides over the Hashed tribal confederation. By Rainer HermannMore