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Bahman Nirumand (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Interview with Bahman Nirumand

The Pasdaran Holds the Reins of Power

Many consider the Pasdaran, Iran's Revolutionary Guards, to be the real centre of power in Iran. In this interview with Shahram Ahadi, Bahman Nirumand talks about how the role of the Pasdaran in the Islamic Republic has changed in recent years and its possible influence on the presidential electionMore

Kayhan Khalor auf dem Morgenland-Festival in Osnabrück (photo: Morgenland Festival Osnabrück)

Interview with the Iranian Virtuoso Kayhan Kalhor

For the Love of Improvisation

The Iranian Kayhan Kalhor is one of the great virtuosos of the kamancheh, a Persian string instrument. In an interview with Shahram Ahadi, the composer talks about the art of improvisation and how he became a young soloist in IranMore

Shahin Najafi (photo: © DW/Shahryar Ahadi)

Supposed Fatwa against Iranian Rapper Shahin Najafi

''We Will Continue with Our Work''

Iran's grand ayatollah has issued what many have interpreted to be a fatwa against the rapper Shahin Najafi, who has lived in Germany for the past seven years. In this interview with Shahram Ahadi, Najafi gives his take on the situationMore