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A French fighter jet of the type 'Mirage' in Bamako, Mali (photo: Reuters)

Consequences of the Military Intervention in Mali

A Tinderbox Situation

Algeria and Morocco granted France permission to use their airspace in its campaign against militant Islamists in Mali. But Arab experts fear that the Mali intervention could push many young Muslims into the arms of the Jihadists. By Siham OuchtouMore

Bassima Hakkaoui (photo: DW)

Interview with Morocco's Minister Bassima Hakkaoui

''Some Politicians See Women as Intruders''

PJD politician Bassima Hakkaoui is the only woman to hold a ministerial post in Morocco's new, Islamist-dominated government. In conversation with Siham Ouchtou, the Minister for Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development addresses the concerns of women's rights organizations over the government's gender equality policyMore

A veiled Moroccan woman talks with her daughter in the streets of Essaouira, Morocco (photo: AP)

Journalists with Headscarves in Morocco

Kept under Cover

As in many other Muslim countries, increasing numbers of women in Morocco are entering the labour market. Among these women, there are many who wear headscarves. However, there would appear to be an unwritten rule in Moroccan radio and television that women in headscarves should not be employed in these media. Siham Ouchtou reportsMore