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The burial mask of Tutankhamun (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Tutankhamun – His Grave and His Treasures

Replicas that Dazzle and Impress

The treasures discovered in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun are some of the most significant finds in the history of archaeology. A replica of the pharaoh's burial chamber is now on display in the German city of Nuremberg. By Sonja HegasyMore

Elias Khoury (photo: dpa)

Elias Khoury's Novel ''Yalo''

The Word and the War

More than twenty years after the end of Lebanon's civil war, the conflicting parties can still not agree on a single narrative of events. With "Yalo", Elias Khoury has written a magnificent novel on the Lebanese struggles for history. By Sonja HegasyMore

King Mohammed VI of Morocco (photo: AP)

Parliamentary Elections in Morocco

Divide and Rule

Following the Justice and Development Party's victory in the Moroccan parliamentary elections recently, the King of Morocco may well be looking to demystify the Islamists by granting them a slice of the power pie, writes Sonja HegasyMore

The Parliament in Rabat (photo: picture alliance)

Morocco Prepares for Parliamentary Elections

Superficial Respect for the Will of the People

Voter turnout in Morocco's early parliamentary elections on 25 November is expected to be low. A major reason for this is widespread disaffection among the young, who feel ignored by existing parties. In its eyes, the establishment is nothing but a "façade democracy". By Sonja HegasyMore

Mohammed XVI (photo: dpad)

Constitutional Reform in Morocco

I Am the Reform!

Over the past 25 years, Morocco has been through a remarkable political opening process and encouraged social pluralism. However, no limits have been set to the king's extreme authority. Despite this, the changes to the constitution made in 2011 are more than a short-term reaction to the revolutionary upheavals in north Africa. By Sonja HegasyMore