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A woman wearing a headscarf standing in front of a camera (photo: DW)

Journalism from the Middle East

Tall Tales from the Desert

A blogging Syrian lesbian, Libyan soldiers in a Viagra-fuelled frenzy, Tunisian women on a sexual Jihad: The blend of sex, Islam and war is failsafe bait for western media, which often fall for propaganda from the Middle East. Not all of the stories are hoaxes, but many of them are. By Sonja Zekri in CairoMore

Protests against Egypt's president Morsi in Alexandria (photo: Reuters)

Political Upheaval in Egypt

A Clear Message for the Brotherhood

In this commentary, Sonja Zekri writes that while it is impossible to say who will be ruling Egypt at the end of the week, it is quite possible to say with certainty that the Muslim Brotherhood, which only a year ago seemed unbeatable, has been a spectacular failure in powerMore