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Ounsi el-Hage (photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Obituary: Lebanese poet Ounsi el-Hage

One of the founders of Arab surrealism

Last month, the Lebanese poet Ounsi el-Hage died at the age of 77. Alongside Adonis and Mahmoud Darwish, he was one of the pioneers of modern Arabic poetry. An obituary by Suleman TaufiqMore

A calligraphy illustration of a snarling lion from the book "Animals of Heaven"

Interview with writer Kathleen Göbel

Symbols of human strength and weakness

The Islamic tradition is rich in stories about animals. Kathleen Göbel has published a collection of fantastical tales, parables and stories of wisdom with entertainment value for both young and old. Suleman Taufiq spoke to the Islam scholar and writer about her bookMore

Meriam Bousselmi (photo: Globalize Cologne)

Interview with the Tunisian Theatre Director Meriam Bousselmi

Fear of Religious Fanatics

The young Tunisian lawyer, dramatist and director, Meriam Bousselmi, was born in Tunis, where she still lives, in 1983. She's currently making a name for herself with sharp, critical works for the theatre, such as her latest production, "Sabra". She spoke to Suleman TaufiqMore

The Trio Khoury (photo:

The Khoury Trio

''Our Art Is Not Politicised''

Elia, Basil and Osama Khoury have been performing together as a trio for a decade now. Each a virtuoso on his own instrument with a firm grounding in both western and oriental music, the Palestinian-born brothers seek to develop new musical ideas by merging different types of music. Suleman Taufiq spoke to the Khourys in ParisMore

Group photo of congress participants

First Congress of Arab Music in 1932


A Richly Diverse Palette of Rhythm and Timbre

The first International Congress of Arab Music took place in Cairo 80 years ago. Intended as a means of preserving the Arab musical heritage, it actually led to a regeneration of classical Arab music. By Suleman TaufiqMore

Michèle Claude and the Ensemble Aromates (photo: Michèle Claude)

Interview with Michèle Claude

The Wonderful World of Muwashshahat

The French percussionist explores the relationship between old Arab and early European music. In the cultural area that is the Mediterranean, where East meets West, she discovered her musical roots and the sounds of the "muwashshahat". Suleman Taufiq met her in ParisMore