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 Ayatollah Khomeini arriving in Iran on 1 February 1979 (photo: Getty Images/Afp/Gabriel Duval)

Interview with Iran expert Bahman Nirumand

"Everyone believed Khomeini's promises"

Thirty-five years ago, Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from exile. Thomas Latschan spoke to the Iran expert Bahman Nirumand about Khomeini's role in the Islamic Revolution and his significance for modern-day IranMore

Michael Lüders (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Michael Lüders on the Sanctions on Iran

"The Objective Is Regime Change"

For years, the nuclear dispute between the West and Iran has been at a deadlock. In this interview with Thomas Latschan, Middle East expert Michael Lüders says that the West's main objective is not in fact to find a solution to the problem, but to stop Iran from being a power factor in the regionMore

The Community House in Jakarta (photo: DW)

The ''Community House'' in Jakarta

Education Gives Hope to Indonesian Slum Kids

Around one fourth of Jakarta's 18 million residents live in slums - among them, 1.5 million children. A European project is helping them climb out of poverty through education. By Thomas LatschanMore