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The Turkish pianist Fazil Say (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

Turkish Pianist Fazil Say Sentenced for Insulting Islam

Playing the Wrong Tune

World-renowned concert pianist Fazil Say was given a suspended jail sentence in Turkey for insulting religious values on Twitter, a case which has become a cause celebre for Turks alarmed about creeping Islamic conservatism. By Tim NeshitovMore

Alaa al-Aswany walks with anti-Mursi protesters as they chant anti-government slogans in Tahrir Square in Cairo November 27, 2012 (photo: Reuters)

The Writer Alaa al-Aswani

A Desperate Citizen of Egypt

"We will topple Mursi, just as we toppled Mubarak": A few years ago Alaa al-Aswani wrote what is arguably the most successful novel ever to be written in Arabic, now he is fighting for democracy in his homeland. By Tim NeshitovMore