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A man holds up a Tunisian flag and a placard calling for Ben Ali to step down, Tunis, 2011 (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Tunisia three years after the Jasmine Revolution

Learning how to deal with freedom

Three years after the overthrow of President Ben Ali, Tunisians are still waiting for their new constitution. Quite a few empty promises have been made since 2011, but there has also been some progress. By Ute Schaeffer in TunisMore

Refugee boat at the coast of Lampedusa, Italy (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

The Lampedusa Tragedy

EU Refugee Policy Is Morally Bankrupt

The EU's interior ministers have discussed refugee policy following the catastrophe off Lampedusa - without any result. They've failed to use a good opportunity for a new, more humane policy, says Ute SchaefferMore

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki (R) shakes hands with Prime Minister Ali Larayedh (photo: Reuters/Zoubeir Souissi)

Tunisia's New Interim Government

Looking for a New Beginning

New jobs, discipline and national unity - according to Tunisia's new head of government, Ali Larayedh, this is what the country needs. But time is quickly running out. Ute Schaeffer reports from TunisMore