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Members of the Sawaiq militia that stormed the GNC on 18 May (photo: Valeria Stocker)

Power struggle in Libya

A permanent state of chaos

Over the course of just ten days, Libya moved through various degrees of state crisis at high speed. It now seems to be back to square one again. From Tripoli, Valerie Stocker takes a closer look at recent chaotic eventsMore

Celebrations on Martyrs' Square in Tripoli to mark the third anniversary of the start of the 2011 revolution (photo: Valerie Stocker)

Third anniversary of the revolution in Libya

Nothing to celebrate

Three years have passed since the overthrow of Muammar al-Gaddafi. Yet despite celebrations to mark the event and the election of a 60-member national assembly to draw up Libya's new constitution, prospects for a more stable future look grim: the people have largely lost faith in the country's deeply divided parliament. By Valerie Stocker in TripoliMore

The border juncture between Libya and Algeria (© DW/Valerie Stocker)

Libya's Border Triangle

Trouble Looming

The EU is supporting Libyan border security troops near Ghadames, but local members of the military complain of unclear structures and insufficient equipment. They put the blame on the government in Tripoli. Valerie Stocker reportsMore

Protestors in Tripoli (photo: Valerie Stocker/DW)


Militias Take Aim at Tripoli Protesters

Dozens of protesters were killed and hundreds wounded in militia violence in Tripoli. Public anger is aimed at a weak government. Now, more militia fighters are marching toward the capital to fill a power vacuum. Valerie Stocker reports from TripoliMore

Rebels during a shooting near Sirte in Libya (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)


A Sanctuary for Radicals and Militants

Libya has morphed into the Wild West of northern Africa just two years after the fall of the Gaddafi regime. In particular, the Libyan Desert has become a sanctuary for radical forces. Valerie Stocker reports from TripoliMore

A Libyan man sits near a mocking graffiti of al-Gaddhafi, in Benghazi, Libya (photo: AP)

Libya's Quest for National Unity

Six Million Gaddafis

As senior officials of the former regime face war crimes charges in a trial, Libyans are struggling to come to terms with their past. Unhealed wounds and renewed social strife is endangering the country's fragile democratic transition. Valerie Stocker reports from TripoliMore

Security official and a refugee family in Libya (photo: Gaia Anderson/DW)

Libya's Tawergha People Barred from Return

Collective Punishment

Ever since August 2011 armed groups from Misrata have been preventing about 35,000 Tawerghans from returning to their homes. They accuse Tawerghans of fighting with pro-Gaddafi forces during the 2011 conflict and committing war crimes in Misrata. A field report by Valerie StockerMore