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ihadi militiamen in Iraq close to the Syrian border (photo: picture-alliance/AP)

Al-Qaeda's New Strategy

Turning away from the Distant Enemy

In contrast to their earlier tactics, militant jihadists are increasingly turning away from attacking the West to concentrate on more local and regional targets. Albrecht Metzger reports on the current change of strategy in the activities of Al-Qaeda and its alliesMore

Young Islamists take part in a demonstration led by the controversial preacher Pierre Vogel in Frankfurt on Main (photo: dapd)

Interview with Matenia Sirseloudi

What Drives Young People to Jihad?

What is behind the Islamicisation and radicalisation of young people in Europe? To what extent do European foreign policies and military interventions abroad play a role in this? Albrecht Metzger spoke to sociologist Dr Matenia Sirseloudi about politically motivated violence and radicalisation processesMore

A Salafist distributing free copies of the Koran on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The inscription on the T-shirt reads 'READ! In the name of the Lord who created you' (photo: dapd)

The Response to the Salafist Movement in Germany

Heavy on Populism, Light on Strategic Thinking

Many intelligence officials in Germany are baffled by the political response to the Salafist movement. As far as they are concerned, there is too much populism, not enough strategic thinking, and ineffective communication to boot. Albrecht Metzger reports.More

Protest of Muslim fundamentalists in Solingen against a demonstration of Pro NRW (photo: dpa)

Salafists in Germany

Heading for ''Urban Terrorism''?

Until now, German public perception of the Salafists placed the phenomenon firmly on foreign soil. Recent events involving followers of this radical school of Islamic thought such as the distribution of copies of the Koran in German cities and violent clashes with police have raised some concerns, but how dangerous are the Salafists in reality? Answers from Albrecht MetzgerMore

Boy reading the Koran (photo: dapd)

Stefan Weidner's Book on Islam and the West

The End of Imperialism

With his new book, Stefan Weidner would like to straighten out our simplified, cliché-ridden perception of Islam by looking at phenomena such as Sharia from an unusual perspective. Albrecht Metzger read the bookMore

Anti-Saleh rally (photo: AP)

Popular Uprising in Yemen

Saleh, Enemy Number One

Politically speaking, the Yemeni opposition movement is extremely heterogeneous and therefore finds it difficult to act in concert. The only goal they all share is to bring about the resignation of the President. An analysis by Albrecht MetzgerMore