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A rebell in Bani Walid (photo: dpa)

Bani Walid and the New Libya

A Deceptive Calm

The citizens of Bani Walid bitterly fought against the Libyan revolutionaries until the very end. Since then, calm has ruled in the provincial city and one time bastion of Gaddafi supporters. Yet, it is unclear whether the fragile peace will hold. Impressions from a city between rebellion and accommodation by Alfred HackensbergerMore

The faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Tripoli (photo: private copyright)

The University of Tripoli

The Desolate Wasteland of Gaddafi's Education System

During the Gaddafi era, university courses in Libya were ideologically tainted, and students could pass exams by showing themselves to be particularly patriotic or simply by having good connections. But a new day has dawned, and all of this is set to change. Alfred Hackensberger reports from TripoliMore

Mohammed Bachbachi, owner of the Sabha bookshop (photo: Roas Mendes)

The Sabha Bookshop in Tripoli

Filling the Intellectual Void

The Sabha bookshop in Tripoli has become a meeting place for intellectuals and former army dissidents. The stories they tell paint a heart-rending portrait of how tough life was under Gaddafi and how thorough and comprehensive the repression of Libyans was. Alfred Hackensberger spoke to the shop's owner and some of its regularsMore

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (photo: dapd)

Fall of the Gaddafi Clan

A Fresh Start for Libya?

The hunt is over. The last two representatives of the Gaddafi regime have been caught: Saif al-Islam, the last of Gaddafi's fugitive sons, and Abdullah al-Senussi, the head of the Libyan secret service, who was known for his brutality. Alfred Hackensberger reports from TripoliMore