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Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam & Barbad Project im Rahmen des New Sounds of Iran Festivals 2013; Foto: DW/S. Kasraeian

"New Sounds of Iran"

Busting Geographical and Cultural Boundaries

Traditional Persian classical music enjoys an almost unassailable status in Iran – in contrast to the country's rather disreputable but creative underground scene. The "New Sounds of Iran" Festival shows how the two apparently conflictive genres can be combined. Amin Farnanefar reports on the event and new trends in Iranian musicMore

Detail from the "Microphone" film poster (source:

Egyptian Cinema

Enormous Creative Energy

Egypt's filmmakers were among those who openly protested against Mubarak, thus toppling his regime. Now, they will have to change the language of their country's cinema. Amin Farzanefar on what the Arab Spring means for the Egyptian cinemaMore

Scene from 'The Unseen' (photo: Asya film)

The Turkish Film Miracle

Spirit of Optimism and a Lack of Craftsmanship

For years now, Turkish films have been winning prizes at international film festivals and are popular in European art house cinemas. The occasion of the mammoth 30th Istanbul International Film Festival is a fitting time to ask the question “What is with the Turkish film miracle?” An assessment by Amin FarzanefarMore