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Empty aisles and stands at the Cairo International Book Fair 2014 (photo: Amira El Ahl)

Cairo International Book Fair 2014

Reader, where art thou?

Many Egyptians are avoiding this year's Cairo International Book Fair for fear of new outbreaks of violence or terrorist attacks. Publishers are complaining about intolerable conditions and a lack of planning. By Amira El Ahl in CairoMore

Visitors of the Cairo book fair (photo: Amira El Ahl)

44th Cairo Book Fair

A Breath of Fresh Air for Publishers

Last year, the Cairo Book Fair was thrown into the shadows by the revolutionary events in Egypt, but this year the public is once more showing interest. As Asira El Ahl found out, the young generation is especially keen on the kinds of books which meet their interestsMore

Dancers of the "Stop and Dance" project in a Cairo subway station (photo: Amira El Ahl)

"Mahatat" Dance Project in Cairo

Stop and Dance!

Spontaneous flash mob art amid social upheaval and political turmoil – "Stop and Dance" is an ambitions intercultural dance project, which aims to promote mobile street art in Egypt. Amira El Ahl reports from CairoMore

Adel Imam at the opening of the Dubai Film Festival (photo: AP)

Prison Sentence for Egyptian Actor Adel Imam

Curbing Cultural Expression

The sentencing of the famous Egyptian actor Adel Imam for allegedly offending Islam in one of his films spotlights the latest bout of power posturing by Muslim hardliners and the increasing threat to freedom of expression on the Nile. A report by Amira El Ahl in CairoMore

Scene from "Father Is Doing Fine" (photo: Brave New Work)

The Road Movie ''Father Is Doing Fine''

In a White Van to Ramallah

"Father Is Doing Fine" is a turbulent comedy about the complex relationship between two brothers and the first German movie to be filmed in Jordan. The film's international cast and crew's working language is however English, and this is spoken in many different accents on set. Amira El Ahl watched them at workMore

Violent protests on Tahrir Square in Cairo (photo: dpa)

Egypt's Parliamentary Elections

Moving in the Wrong Direction?

The upcoming elections in Egypt will be the first free parliamentary poll after three decades of Mubarak's rule, and their outcome will have a key influence on the political future of this large Arab nation. But the process is being overshadowed by irritation at the complexity of electoral regulations, economic insecurity and recent unrest. Amira El Ahl reports from CairoMore

A demonstrator holding a small placard referring to the start of the Egyptian Revolution on 25 January (photo: dpa)

Demonstrations against the Military Council in Egypt

The Revolution Comes First

"The military council is not cooperating with the revolution; it is trying to control it." This is the kind of thing that demonstrators are saying in Cairo. Once again, they are flocking to Tahrir Square in their thousands; only this time, they are protesting against the military council and the transition government. Amira El Ahl sends us this reportMore