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Professor Henner Fürtig is director of the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies in Hamburg (photo: Werner Bartsch)

Protests across the Muslim World

''Deep mistrust towards the West''

Anti-Western protests often arise suddenly in Arab countries, says historian and Arab world specialist Henner Fürtig. However, he doubts the current outbreak was coordinated by al QaedaMore

Andrea Teti

Interview with Andrea Teti

''The Arab Uprising Was Not about Liberal Democracy''

A year ago Hosni Mubarak was toppled from power. A spirit of hope hung heavy in the air, however one year on people in Egypt are still struggling to come to terms with his legacy. Anne Almeling talked to Andrea Teti about the country's futureMore

Rafik Schami (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Interview with Rafik Schami

''The Rebellion's Perseverance Surprises Me''

In the opinion of the German-Syrian writer Rafik Schami, the Syrian opposition is a temporary "front" that is united only in its desire to topple Assad. As soon as the regime begins to weaken, there is a risk of civil war. Anne Allmeling spoke to Schami about the protests in Syria.More