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The Algerian Writer Boualem Sansal (photo: dpa/picture-alliance)

Interview with the Algerian Writer Boualem Sansal

"Take Islam back from the Islamists!"

Are Europe's democracies too weak to curb Islamism? Controversial Algerian writer Boualem Sansal sounds a warning. The time for political debate has passed, he tells Aya BachMore

Demonstration for Secularism in Tunisia in spring 2011 (photo: Lina Ben Mhenni/DW)

Intercultural Dialogue

Goethe Institute Supports Post-Arab Spring Cultural Work

Artists of all types have played important roles in the uprising that have swept across the Arab World. From its offices in Cairo, Alexandria and Tunis, Germany's Goethe Institute has been close to the action. The institute's President Klaus-Dieter Lehmann tells Aya Bach what the Arab Spring revolutions mean for Germany's foreign cultural policyMore