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In this Oct. 2, 2010 file photo, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, left, holds up the hand of his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad after he awarded Iran's highest national medal to Assad, in a ceremony in Tehran, Iran (photo: AP)

Syria and Iran

Two Lone Friends

The leadership in Tehran is currently doing everything in its power to prop up the regime in Damascus. If Bashar al-Assad falls, Iran too will find itself dangerously isolated and is unlikely to be able to withstand the pressure of sanctions, says Bahman NirumandMore

Bashar al-Assad (photo: AP)

Uprising against the Ba'ath Regime in Syria

Assad's Strong Hand

The Syrian regime continues to count many supporters both at home and abroad. This means there would be little point in launching a military intervention, says Bahman NirumandMore