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Demonstration against Mubarak in June 2012 (photo: Reuters)

Egypt's and Tunisia's State Security Files

An Inaccessible Past

Two years after the Arab Spring started shaking up the political landscape of the Middle East, many secret police files are still kept locked up in the relevant ministries and therefore remain inaccessible. Christoph Dreyer reportsMore

Person reading the Koran (photo: dpa)

Islamic Law and Ethics


''We Are Calling for a New Interpretation of the Koran''

A new research centre in Qatar seeks to focus more attention on the ethical dimension of Islam. The founders of the centre and its director, Tariq Ramadan, are calling for a new interpretation of the Koran in order to advance a contemporary Islamic understanding of matters such as environmental ethics and gender issues. Christoph Dreyer spoke to the centre's deputy director, Jasser AudaMore

Adhaf Soueif (photo: Christoph Dreyer)

Interview with Ahdaf Soueif

Happy to Follow the Tahrir Youth's Lead

One year after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian author and activist Ahdaf Soueif is full of hope for the revolution to achieve its final aims of human rights and social justice. In this interview with Christoph Dreyer, she talks about changed Western perceptions of the Arab world, her relation to the Tahrir youth, and the balance between explaining the revolution and taking part in itMore

Irshad Manji (photo: Christoph Dreyer)

Interview with Irshad Manji

''I Consider it Wrong to Say that Muslims are Incapable of Reform''

The liberal feminist Muslim and bestselling author Irshad Manji calls for a reconciliation between faith and freedom. Christoph Dreyer spoke with her about civil courage, the dangers of moderation and her new book Allah, Liberty and LoveMore

Noha Abdel-Hady at the kick-off event for the post-graduate programme (photo: Christoph Dreyer)

Post-graduate Programme on Islamic Theology

''Muslim Theologians are Instigators of Change''

Islamic theology is still a very new academic discipline at German universities. It is hoped that a new nationwide post-graduate programme will boost its development, lead to increased representation of Muslims in Germany, and lay the groundwork for the training of state schoolteachers of Islam. As Christoph Dreyer reports, expectations are high all roundMore

The University of Tübingen (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

First Centre for Islamic Theology

Opening a New Chapter for Islam in Germany

The University of Tübingen is starting a course leading to a bachelor's degree to train imams and teachers of Islam. Until now, only a small proportion of those teaching Islam in Germany have had any training. Sabine Ripperger reportsMore

Interview with the Saudi Writer Badriya Al-Bishr

''Anything You Write about Is Made a Scandal, Even Love''

In her novel "Hind and the Soldiers", Saudi author Badriya Al-Bishr focuses the daily struggle of women in her native country for a little more personal freedom. Christoph Dreyer interviewed the Dubai-based writer and columnistMore