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Portraits of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad (photo: DW)

Syria and the Ba'ath regime

Assad and the post-eternity era

Assad and no other. Assad is no one. He is a nebulous being soaked in blood and trampling on corpses, a man who claims to be president of a republic that no longer exists, writes Elias Khoury in his essayMore

Bombenexplosion im Aleppiner Stadtteil Bustan Al-Qasr; Foto: Reuters

Russia, the US and the Syrian Civil War

A Bloody Game of Chess

The Assad regime has succeeded in turning Syria into a chess board over which Russia and the US have locked horns as the blood and tears continue to flow. The losers in this stalemate are undoubtedly the Syrian people, writes Elias Khoury in his essayMore

Democracy activists and demonstrators on Tahrir Square (photo: DW)

Political Prospects after the Arab Spring

At a Crossroads

In the opinion of the acclaimed Lebanese author Elias Khoury, after the toppling of the old regimes, Arab societies are now heading towards either lasting democratic change or a return to dictatorship by another nameMore