Most recent article by: Eren Güvercin

Feridun Zaimoglu (photo: dpa)

Interview with Feridun Zaimoglu


''Germany is Making Itself a Laughing Stock''

Circumcision is a stipulation of the Prophet and therefore non-negotiable. In an interview with Eren Güvercin, Feridun Zaimoglu makes a resolute plea for the impunity of this Jewish and Muslim ritualMore

teenagers in Cairo (photo: AP)

Arian Fariborz: ''Rock the Kasbah''

Pop Music and Protests in the Islamic World

Music is playing a key role in the political upheaval in the Arab world because angry Arab youths are using it to spread their political message. In his book Rock The Kasbah, journalist Arian Fariborz has written about numerous young Arab musicians whom he visited in their native countriesMore