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Mahmud Darwish (photo: AP)

Recreating Palestine in Literature

A Nation Crafted From Words

"We have a country made of words", reads a famous poem by the Palestinian writer Mahmud Darwish. In his essay, the well-known Jordanian journalist and literary scholar Fakhri Saleh explores the effect that the loss of homeland has had on Palestinian literature and self-perceptionMore

The Saudi writer and journalist Turki al-Hamad (Screenshot Al-Arabiya-TV)

The Arrest of Saudi Intellectual Turki al-Hamad

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back?

The Saudi writer and journalist Turki al-Hamad is one of the most distinguished and courageous intellectuals in his homeland. Religious authorities have already issued seven fatwas against him. For the past two-and-a-half weeks, the soon to be 60-year-old writer has been sitting in prison for sending highly controversial Twitter messages. By Fakhri SalehMore

Daniel Barenboim and his orchestra in the Al Mahdaf Museum in Gaza (photo: © Shareen Sarhan / UNRWA)

Daniel Barenboim and Arab Anti-Israel Sentiment

A Classic Example of Political Naivety

The Israeli star conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim and his West-Eastern Divan Orchestra were invited to perform in Qatar. Then, following pressure from Arab opponents of a normalisation of relations with Israel, the invitation was withdrawn. As far as the Jordanian author Fakhri Saleh is concerned, this is evidence of political naivetyMore

Yahya ibn Mahmud al-Wasiti, the 7th Maqāma of Maqamat al-Harīrī dating from the mid-10th century, with a 13th century illustration

Rethinking World Literature


The Arabic Novel in Non-Western Eyes

Anthologies of "world literature" have often used the term to market a largely Western canon. But isn't western literature still implicitly regarded as the measure of all things? And are we not overlooking other literary values out of sheer ignorance? By Fakhri SalehMore