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Design from Belkis Baharcieva's fashion collection (photo:

Interview with designer Belkis Baharcieva

Fashion for the modern Muslim woman

Belkis Baharcieva came to Germany as a refugee in 2001. At the age of 30, she began studying fashion design in Trier. Baharcieva recently set up an online fashion shop, selling her own designs to Muslim women who want to wear high-quality, beautiful Islamic clothing. Falah Elias spoke with the designerMore

A boy and a man run away from a cloud of gas in Aleppo, 24 March 2013 (photo: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images)

Interview with Sadiqu Al-Mousllie of the Syrian Opposition

"The Murderous Assad Regime Must Be Stopped"

The Syrian opposition has accused government troops of killing 1,300 people in a poison gas attack. In an interview with Falah Elias, Sadiqu Al-Mousllie – a member of the opposition Syrian National Council – calls for military action against the Syrian dictatorMore

Malek Jandali during a concert outside the White House (photo: Malek Jandali)

Interview with the Syrian composer Malek Jandali

''A free Syria can only exist without Assad''

The renowned Syrian composer Malek Jandali has composed a hymn to the Syrian revolution. In an interview with Falah Elias, he comments on the situation in his homeland and explains why he has no fear of a confessional conflict after the Assad regime has goneMore