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Egyptians in Cairo demonstrating against Mubarak (photo: dapd)

The Reaction of Egyptian Politicians to the Elections in Tunisia

''Egypt Is Not Tunisia! Or Is It?''

While members of the former regime in Egypt never tire of saying that the political situations in Egypt and Tunisia cannot be compared, others believe that the Tunisian result could foreshadow certain aspects of the outcome of the upcoming election in Egypt. Hani Darwish takes a closer look at three very different Egyptian political viewpointsMore

Demonstrators were stopped by soldiers on their way to Tahrir Square on the 23rd of July 2011 (photo: dpa)

Interview with the Egyptian Historian Khaled Fahmy

''The Army Lacks a Vision for the Future''

The recent protests in Egypt have focussed attention on the country's army and its conflicted relationship with the revolution of 25th January. Hani Darwish discussed the issue with the historian Khaled Fahmy in CairoMore