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Judith Katzir (photo: private)

Interview with the Jewish author Judith Katzir

Friendship across the divide

Judith Katzir is one of the most interesting young authors in Israel. Her books deal mostly with strong women who undertake journeys into their own past. Her new novel, "Tzila", is based on letters belonging to her great-grandmother and describes her journey to Gaza, where her Jewish family once lived. Igal Avidan spoke to the authorMore

Baran Kosari and Navid Mohammadzadeh in a still from the Iranian film "Asabani Nistam!" (I'm not angry!)

Interview with Iranian filmmaker Reza Dormishian

The rage of an entire generation on screen

The film "Asabani Nistam!" (I'm not angry!) was the only Iranian entry at this year's Berlinale film festival. On screen, young Iranians vent their anger and frustration at the day-to-day economic hardship and the general hopelessness of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's term as president. Igal Avidan spoke to the director and producer Reza DormishianMore

Still from the documentary "Iranien" (photo: Berlinale)

Mehran Tamadon's documentary "Iranien"

A bold experiment

In Mehran Tamadon's new documentary, the director enters into a debate with four loyal supporters of the regime, who better him in every aspect of the discussion. Igal Avidan saw the film at the BerlinaleMore

Mohammed Helmy

First Arab Honoured by Israel for Rescuing Jewish Family from the Nazis

Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial institute for the first time granted an award to an Egyptian for rescuing a Jewish family during World War II in Berlin. Igal Avidan spoke to Irena Steinfeldt, director of the Department for the Righteous Among the Nations in Yad VashemMore

Ahd Kamel (photo: © Ahd Kamel)

Interview with the Saudi Filmmaker Ahd Kamel

''We Live in a Modern World Governed by Ancient Rules''

The film Sanctity tells the story of Areej, a young, pregnant Saudi widow, who will do anything to protect her unborn child. Kamel not only wrote and directed the film, she also played the leading role. It was shot on location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is her second film. Igal Avidan met her in Berlin and asked her about women's rights and film-making in a country that has no cinemas.More

Scene from ''Sharqiya'' (photo: Amit Berlowitz / DETAiLFILM)

The Israeli Film ''Sharqiya''

Grappling with the Plight of Israel's Bedouins

"Sharqiya" is the first Israeli film to deal with the dire situation of the country's Bedouins. At the film's international premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival in Germany, Igal Avidan spoke to screenwriter Guy Ofran, director Ami Livne and lead actor Adnan Abu WadiMore

Ilan Halevi (photo: Igal Avidan)

Interview with the Jewish Palestinian Politician Ilan Halevi

With One Foot in the UN

In this interview, Palestinian politician Ilan Halevi describes the hurdles that have to be overcome on the road to statehood and speaks of the rapprochement and the animosity between Fatah and Hamas. Igal Avidan spoke to him at a conference organised by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in BerlinMore