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Lina al-Abed (photo: Irmgard Berner)

Interview with Filmmaker Lina al-Abed

''I Believe in the Syrian People''

Lina al-Abed is a journalist and filmmaker who left her home in Damascus, Syria, to start a career in Beirut, Lebanon. In this interview with Irmgard Berner, she talks about women in the Arab film business and how the Syrian revolution has already in some ways liberated SyriansMore

Interview with the Saudi-Arabian Writer Raja Alem

Elegy for a Lost Era

The Saudi-Arabian writer Raja Alem is regarded as one of the leading voices in Arabic literature. Her new novel, "The Necklace of the Dove", which shows the dark side of modern Mecca, was awarded the Arab Booker Prize. An interview by Irmgard BernerMore