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The Turkish Border Town of Ceylanpinar

A Base for Al-Qaeda?

The target of stray bullets and shells coming from Syria, the small Turkish border town of Ceylanpinar has also turned into a hub for Islamist militants – allegedly backed by Ankara. Many believe that Turkey is providing a haven to al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters. Karlos Zurutuza reportsMore

Soldiers seen standing in front of the Iraqi (left) and Kurdish (centre) flags (photo: DW/K. Zurutuza)

On-going Sectarian Tension in Kirkuk

Stranded in Legal Limbo

Claimed by Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen alike, the oil-rich province of Kirkuk remains one of Iraq's most disputed and politically flammable regions ten years after Saddam Hussein was toppled. Karlos Zurutuza spoke to the most senior representatives of the region's different communities about the province's diverse problemsMore

Street in Baghdad (photo: Karlos Zurutuza/DW)

Interview with Kifah Al-Jawahiri

''Iraq's Political Crisis Is Massive''

In the wake of the US withdrawal from Iraq and amid a growing internal political crisis, Karlos Zurutuza spoke to Kifah Al Jawahiri, one of the country's most respected human rights activistsMore