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Mansoura Ez-Eldin (photo: Mansoura Ez-Eldin)

The Democratic Process in Egypt


The Success of Democracy is Not a Question of Education

Although she recognises the dangers inherent in an uneducated society, Egyptian author Mansoura Ez-Eldin disputes the political belief that it takes a learned population to create a democracy. The problem is more a fundamental lack of political education and a poor understanding of democratic principles at all levelsMore

Supporters of Mohamed Morsi in Cairo (photo: Reuters)

Egypt's Democratic Perspectives

A Shroud for the Revolution?

Egypt's revolutionaries have scotched the military agenda by throwing their weight behind Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi, says renowned Egyptian author Mansoura Ez-Eldin. But if they are to again seize the political initiative, they must now regroup and revise their strategy to date.

An Egyptian woman sings patriotic songs by herself as she walks along the street outside the Egyptian Museum near Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011 (photo: AP)

Women's Rights in Post-revolutionary Egypt

A Second Revolt for Sheherazade's Daughters

Women maintained a strong presence during the days of the Egyptian uprising – and suddenly found themselves no longer subjected to otherwise frequent sexual harassment. But it appears the previous status quo has been restored since the toppling of President Mubarak. By Mansoura Ez-EldinMore