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Fawzia Koofi (photo: Getty Images)

Interview with Fawzia Koofi

''It Is Not A Matter of Overnight Change''

Fawzia Koofi is an Afghan women's rights activist and MP. She has already declared that she will run for president in 2014. In this interview with Martin Gerner, she outlines the two policy areas closest to her heart and explains why some Afghans view the timeline for the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan with trepidationMore

Aman Mojadidi (photo: Lorenzo Tugnoli)

Aman Mojadidi on Afghan Contemporary Art

''Solutions Don't Always Come from Elsewhere''

For the first time, Afghanistan takes centre stage at this year's Documenta 13. The world's most influential international art exhibition has recently opened its doors in Kassel, Germany. The affiliated Documenta event in Kabul is curated by Aman Mojadidi. In this interview with Martin Gerner, he talks about the challenges facing Afghan contemporary artMore

Noorjahan Akbar on Women's Rights in Afghanistan

''Women Are Nobodies''

The West has spoke out for women's rights in Afghanistan. Now, it can't simply pull out of the country, says Noorjahan Akbar, the Afghan human rights activist and co-founder of the independent women's organization "Young Women for Change" in an interview with Martin GernerMore