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A Turkish boy in traditional circumcision costumes at a mosque in Istanbul (photo: AP)

Ruling on Circumcision in Germany

When Judges Become Religious Referees

For Jews and Muslims, the circumcision of male children is more than just a pious custom. A German court has now for the first time ruled that the religiously motivated surgical procedure is a crime. The Cologne judgement can be seen as an expression of our secular society. But sometimes it's not a good thing for judges to rule over religions. By Matthias DrobinskiMore

Memorial service at Ground Zero (photo: AP)

Christians and Muslims Ten Years after 9/11


Hated, Feared, Misunderstood

The terrorist attacks on New York and Washington a decade ago have deepened the gulf between Christians and Muslims – but since the events of that day, the dialogue has become more sincere. By Matthias DrobinskiMore