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A girl holds up a poster of Amina al-Filali, victim of rape and forced marriage in Morocco (photo: Naqi Tbel)

Women in Morocco

Rape victims no longer forced to marry their aggressors

Although Morocco has done away with a controversial law allowing rapists of underage girls to escape prosecution if they marry their victims, the basic problem of rape remains. Activists say it's time to enact change in society to protect rape victims. By Monika GriebelerMore

Drawing of a Syrian refugee child (source: Sirin, Özer, Oppedal)

Syria's Civil War

The Emotional Scars of the Refugee Children

The war in Syria has traumatized children as well as adults. Their nightmares and drawings are blood red. In Turkey, one center is providing a sense of stability for refugees of all ages - paintbrush included. Monika Griebeler reports from AntakyaMore