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Protests against Yemen's former president Saleh in Sanaa, February 2011 (photo: AP)

Yemen and the Arab Spring

Revolution on Hold

While political turbulence continues unabated in Tunisia and Egypt – the two countries where the Arab Spring started – and a bloody civil war still rages unchecked in Syria, the transition in Yemen seems to have ground to a complete halt. By Nader AlsarrasMore

Demonstration against the government in Amman (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

Protests in Jordan

A Small Kingdom with Big Problems

While the eyes of the world are fixed on the escalating violence in Syria, across the border in Jordan, the country's ongoing economic problems threaten to trigger a full-blown political crisis. Dissatisfaction among the population is growing, and criticism of the king is getting louder. Nader Alsarras reportsMore

Ahmed Maher; Foto: © Al-Muftah

Interview with Ahmed Maher of the 6th April Movement

''A victory for Ahmed Shafik would be the end of the revolution''

The results of the first round of the Egyptian presidential elections have been greeted with scepticism by the country's revolutionary youth. Nader Alsarras spoke to Ahmed Maher, one of the prominent founders of the 6th April youth movement, about the power of the generals and political perspectives in his countryMore

Temple Mount in Jerusalem (photo: AP)

Interview with Sayed Kashua

For Absolute Equality in All Areas of Life

In his novels Sayed Kashua, a very famous author in Israel, talks about the lives of the country's Arab citizens. Nader Alsarras spoke to him about his new novel that deals with the co-existence of different nationalities and religions in IsraelMore