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The advertisement on a British bus claiming that "there is probably no God" was part of a campaign backed by the British Humanist Association (photo: picture-alliance/dpa)

The Islamic faith


When Muslims renounce their faith

Fearing ostracism or even death, many former Muslims keep their lack of faith a secret. A German organisation offers support to people who choose to turn their back on Islam for whatever reason. By Naomi ConradMore

Özcan Mutlu (Foto: Britta Pedersen/dpa)

Germany's "Migrant MPs"

So Where Are You Really From?

Among the new German parliamentarians are 35 with an "immigration background" – a label they find unfortunate, as they are not there to merely fulfill a quota. Naomi Conrad talked to several of these parliamentarians in BerlinMore

The nuclear reactor Shazand in Iran (photo: markazinews)

Nuclear Conflict with Iran

Time Is Running Out

Iran, once again, has signaled its readiness to enter negotiations on its controversial nuclear program. This time around, experts are hoping for direct talks with the United States - because little time remains. Naomi Conrad reportsMore

Egypt's president Mohamed Mursi (photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Morsi Expands Executive Power in Egypt

I Am the State!

After his diplomatic success in Gaza, President Mohammed Morsi has begun to move against the judiciary and expand his power in Egypt, all with the support of the military. The opposition has taken to the streets. By Naomi ConradMore

Two women on a boat on the Bosporus (photo: © Varbenov)

Women in Turkey

Victims of Domestic Violence

More than a third of women in Turkey have experienced sexual and physical violence at some point. An anti-violence law introduced in March was watered down by Prime Minister Erdogan. Activists fear an erosion of rights. Naomi Conrad reportsMore